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A place for the community to collaborate on the current and upcoming development of the server.
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Re: Player Council

Post by serephim » Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:01 am

I don't mean to be rude but I feel like this is a stupid waste of time and energy that will take away from development time.
It's Godmode's server, he can do with it as he wants to. The server follows HIS vision and he already takes players opinions and ideas into consideration. That is what these forums are for, a direct link to development ideas and issues.
I'm not sure what purpose giving a select few people in the community some arbitrary power to talk with staff members accomplishes.
We already have the power to speak with staff members on an individual bases without complicating the issue further with an election process.

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Re: Player Council

Post by Raphtalia » Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:49 pm

After thinking about this for a few weeks I’m not sure it’s a good idea after all (and I originally proposed it) it was a spitballed idea during a discord discussion

It does seem like a lot of extra work and not too many people I’ve talked to seem on board with the idea.

Might be best to make upcoming changes more transparent so that players do not get blindsided with changes

(for instance regarding the new toxicity rules, letting us know that there is discussion on the matter and to expect new rules in the near future)

I think some older players miss things like the walk of shame because things seem less transparent now in regards to anti-cheating.

I also know that there is a lot of animosity towards GM’s because of a feeling (justified or not) that endgame is skewed towards which ls’s have members who are GM’s.

It’s not my intent to level any accusations at anyone, my time on Eden thus far has been wonderful and I have had 0 bad interactions with staff or GM’s, but I have witnessed a lot of grumbling from players regarding the aforementioned points.

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