Priorities of Good Tanking

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Priorities of Good Tanking

Post by Cygon » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:24 am

Thought I would start a bit of a brain-dump here to help those seeking to understand and be good Paladin tanks. I'm going to make it short at first and add to it as things go. Also, I don't have any calculations to add here, but if someone knows those, feel free to dump that too.
Paladin is the traditional tank. Mitigate, prevent, deflect, absorb, and recover. Great choice for experience point parties lower-levels, but less so higher-levels (especially approaching 75). However, they are the masters of kiting and intimidating the undead.
For experience point party situations, gear considerations should focus on:
  • 1st Defense (damage over-time mitigation)
  • 2nd Vitality (lowers critical hit maximum and boosts defense)
  • 3rd Agility (lowers chance of critical hits)
  • 4th Evasion (outright dodging attacks)
Note: This is a general order, depending on how much of something you have, Evasion may be more impactful than Agility. Vitality may be more impactful than Defense (e.g. 2 points of VIT in an accessory is probably better than 5 points of Defense, but not 10 points of Defense). Don't forget about diminishing returns (a little more of something you have a lot of could be less impactful than more of something you have little of).

Partying tips; while this is highly dependent upon the location and make-up, all apply in-general.
  1. Do provoke when it is up. There is an exception, and that is if the target is nearly defeated and another is soon to be pulled.
  2. Do face all targets away from other members of the party. Keep those frontal TP attacks from hitting others.
  3. Do position the target consistently. In fact, define a spot to keep the target. This gives everyone an expectation. However, be mindful of repops/linkage potential.
  4. Do heal other members to gain enmity and heal yourself. Rest between pulls, if time allows.
  5. Do regulate your MP usage once you acquire Flash. Depending on the party performance, you may need to devote all your MP to Flash.
  6. Don't move around a lot so Sneak Attack/Trick Attack DPS don't have to dance. Dancing doesn't do damage.
  7. Don't keep hate if you are going to die AND everyone else has HP to absorb a few hits. A dead tank slows everyone down far more than a little rest.
  8. Carrying a ranged weapon is not necessary, but can be very useful in some situations.
  9. Make Pine Apple Juice (Cooking 30) or Yagudo Drink (Cooking 60), defensive or accuracy food depending on situation (Crab Sushi), and resting MP gear are all wonderful if you can afford them.
  10. Keep your weapon up-to-date with your level. This will help you hold enmity and favor offensive stat weapons (Tactician Magician's Espadon at 50).
  11. Past level 40, and depending on party performance, you may start to consider more offensive pieces. This will help you hold enmity and make you a more valuable member in the DPS department.
  12. Large shields block less often than small shields. Take this into consideration given the attack rate of the mobs you fight. For example, against a MNK job mob, a smaller shield should provide better mitigation. On a slow, but hard,hitting mob, the large shield could save you from big TP hits, whereas the small probably won't absorb much.
Soloing tips - TBD

HNM tips - TBD

Thank You Contributors
Beniyahou, Kurma, truewatts, Strider, and Gweivyth
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Re: Priorities of Good Tanking

Post by Beniyahou » Sat Feb 02, 2019 2:01 am

Given Provoke provides exactly 30 seconds of time-volatile enmity, it may not be most efficient to use it as often as possible unless you have some other source of VE(like WAR/MNK with boosts), or some notable +enmity boosts. Also, may be worth mentioning keeping weapons up to date, although that tends to be the case for most jobs anyway.
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Re: Priorities of Good Tanking

Post by Kurma » Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:29 am

I agree with the first post a whole lot!

Another good drink to make are Pineapple Juices for low levels.

They are 1 mp a tick for 4 minutes!

Also they are super cheap to make because it only takes 2 pineapples and 1 water crystal.

We often XP on water crystal mobs at low levels (Crabs, pugils). If you have stacks of pineapples, the party will most likely give you crystals to make the juice.

Often during breaks in XP (when people need to afk or be replaced), I will make as many Pineapple Juices that I can afford to hold.

As a Galka PLD, it is really really helpful.

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Re: Priorities of Good Tanking

Post by truewatts » Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:17 pm

I've always thought building vit was more important than def. Seeing how most vit pieces have a generous if not high amount of def on them. I'm only looking at it this way cause of the wiki.

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Re: Priorities of Good Tanking

Post by Strider » Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:51 pm

PLD can/should start to opt out of defensive gear and into offensive gear in the 40's and 50's. If a PLD has to turtle up, then the party is camping in a spot they shouldn't be camping. (IE: KRT at 50)

Sniper's, Peacock, Scorp Harness or Haubergeon will be huge game-changers in PLD damage output. If the PLD has refresh, the party should have no problem moving along at a decent pace. The Paladin should be able to maintain himself most of the time. Snagging items like Parade Gorget and Vermillion Cloak to use in between fights is preferred.

Edit: Keeping up to date with your Sword/Shield is almost a must. I personally preferred mid-sized shields in exp parties.

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Re: Priorities of Good Tanking

Post by gweivyth » Wed Feb 06, 2019 3:07 pm

Strider wrote:
Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:51 pm
Edit: Keeping up to date with your Sword/Shield is almost a must.
This part gets a lot easier once you can wear Tactician Magician's Espadon. This is the best sword until Company Sword or Joyeuse, and even then it's still a pretty good budget option vs those two. Company Sword is pretty hard to come across on Eden, but it's also insane for Vorpal Blade.
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Re: Priorities of Good Tanking

Post by Zardoz » Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:51 pm

So I know on retail Woodsman would be preferred once you go DD mode, but until those are implemented here have folks found the -10def on Snipers to be that big of a deal for PLD?

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