01/07/2019 Patch

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01/07/2019 Patch

Post by Godmode » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:46 am

- Added protection to fishing and craft synthesizing so that people cannot exploit packets. (We are aware that currently the synth delay is too long)
- Fix some logging issues to provide more clear errors
- Fix Alkyoneus and Pallas spawning
- Chocobo digging adjustments to rank 0 (more like retail)
- Fixed /anon so it's actually anon. (thanks Aenge!)
- Weapon skills now give an accuracy bonus to the first hit
- The gravity spell now has the added effect of evasion down on the target
- Removed the ability to delete characters (This is disabled until a tool is written to fix problems with deleting characters)
- Fixed issue with mining points spawning on top of each other
- Added a GM command to allow GMs to log people out that are stuck in login-limbo (Reminder: all GM commands are logged to prevent abuse)
- Setup code to separate light and dark sleep (Not all of this is implemented, please report problems as they arise)
- Temporarily disabled lockstyle to prevent crashing (eventually this will be re-implemented when the root cause of the crashing is fixed but it is not a high priority)
- Mobs now have a wider sight that is accurate to retail and some HNM have extremely wide sight.
- Fixed issue with Mog Safe 2 not setting storage correctly
- Fixed issue with broken fishing rods in wardrobe
- Implemented NMs in the ares adjacent to Tavnazia Safehold
- Fix issue where undead and some other mobs were not despawning correctly in morning and not spawning at night
- Fixed exploitable issue with Dark Spark key item
- Fix issue where sometimes after attacking you would not be able to reengage
- Fixed issue where you would stay on your chocobo while being able to attack a mob
- CoP wyrms are now in the game (they are probably overtuned due to a magic resistance overhaul being needed)
- Updated with new code from DSP. (Please be on the lookout for any strange or different things such as mobs/NPCs that should not be there or spells that have out of era attributes)

The database was audited for missing or incorrect information. This allowed for a major change to how we deploy patches and may cause some issues for the first few patches. Please bring them up if you notice them.