New player and cost of ranger

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New player and cost of ranger

Post by Lephise » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:51 am

So I recently started playing on eden and loving it so far. Soon I will be hitting 30 and that means unlocking advanced jobs. I'd really love playing ranger, but I really dont know if its possible gil wise for newer players. Arrows from merchants (wood -> bone -> silver) are not that expensive, but also will be really suboptimal later on when you get access to scorpion arrows. So the question is, should i just go for it and see how it goes or just leave ranger for later?

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Re: New player and cost of ranger

Post by Veikuri » Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:17 pm

If you're okay with pausing leveling to gear up your Ranger and/or farm for ammo every so often. The good news is that a lot of Ranger gear is used for a good majority of your career so after a point you won't be upgrading your armor so much.

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