Service has resumed!

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Service has resumed!

Post by Godmode » Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:02 pm

Late this past Friday evening a malicious person was able to perform some concerning activities. He or she were able to login to an account that was not theirs through our login server in which they gained access to a developers GM character and then started setting character levels. This afternoon we have finished patching several security issues and created additional fail-safes for if/when another attack is executed.

Some players that were affected by the attack on Friday will get an additional level quicker than normal—this is expected. However if you receive more than 2 levels from back to back kills please report this In addition if your level is not set correctly please reach out to me in a Discord DM so I can verify and restore. This was a manual restore not a rollback so it is more prone to admin errors.

At this time we have now resumed service to Eden. Thank you all for your patience and see you on Eden!

You'll need to update the server inside your Ashita config from to