Exploiting on Eden

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Exploiting on Eden

Post by Godmode » Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:57 pm

This morning, I wrote an announcement on our Discord that an exploit has been discovered with level sync and will be investigated further. I have finished a preliminary investigation and would like to share with you some of the findings. At this time, no one will be explicitly named.

The players in question were using a high level character to link several monsters. The players would be synced and then bring the monsters down to low health. Then they would drop their level sync and finish the kills while level sync wore off, resulting in thousands of EXP at once and no level-up on the sync because the sync had left the party.

To be clear, let me state that simply gathering mobs for a party to kill is not a tactic I considered exploiting or abusing game mechanics. During the early part of the servers’ life, there were a lot of things that could be considered to push boundaries brought to my attention. Gathering mobs on a high level character was one of them, but that was brought to my attention and explicitly approved. However, dropping sync to effectively lock yourself into a perpetual 50-80k EXP/hr is neither intended nor does it come with a reasonable expectation of it being allowed.

I attempted to reach out to these players indirectly on two separate days by posting requests to come forward with anything that might be considered an exploit on both Discord and on the forums. However, it seems that it was largely ignored, as only one person has come forward that had any involvement with that party as of this posting.
Godmode wrote:
Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:39 am
Finally, as a reminder: Remember that exploiting or abusing any game mechanics or participating with players that are exploiting is grounds for punishment. Even if retail did not enforce it, we will. Simply pleading that you didn’t know it wasn’t intended is not enough to spare punishment from certain situations. In this case, it’s better to ask if something is okay first if you are suspicious it might be wrong, rather than dealing with the consequences afterwards. Eden’s punishments are not just reverting the damage you did and labeling you as a cheater—they make you wish you had never done it in the first place.
The punishment for these players will be severe, with the exception of those who have admitted to the act. There is a possibility of different tiers of punishments, although undecided as of now, for characters linked to these players versus just the characters who participated in these exploits directly and those who orchestrated the event and those who merely participated. If you feel like you are one of those players I can't guarantee that I will lighten the punishment but it definitely couldn't hurt to admit it to me.

There is a patch in code review now and is likely to be approved this evening; meaning there will be a patch late tonight to prevent this mechanic from being exploited in this and other ways in the future. Unfortunately, this means that the aforementioned mechanic of a high level character pulling mobs will no longer be an effective tactic for leveling in any manner. In the future, when a monster links, the EXP awarded will be based on the level of the entity (player/charmed pet/etc) that the monster linked to. This will not affect parties that have high level characters that stay at camp and cure players that take damage. It will only affect parties that use a high level character to link several mobs in the area before bringing them to camp. There were multiple ways to fix this exploit--however this solution was chosen because it will also apply to other potential means of exploiting.

As always, if you have a question about something you are doing you should feel comfortable to talk to the GM team or even me if you are uncomfortable talking to the others. I am a fair and reasonable person to interact with and don't want to see anyone punished that can be avoided. I know you love the game as much as I do and I don't enjoy seeing anyone leave it or be punished on it.