Character Deletion

Make respectful requests from the staff here. Please note that these will likely be on queue for a long time--especially custom requests like name changes that do not have formalized procedures. This is not a development forum or a forum for discussion.

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Character Deletion

Post by Godmode » Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:29 am

Currently, character deletion requests are not enabled. Setzor has been hard at work leading the initiative to create a new lobby server. It has be an undertaking because it’s written in a different language but it’s nearly complete and it’s currently being tested internally. Once we are comfortable releasing that and we see no potential issues with character selection or deletion we will be opening up the option to delete characters again. Keep in mind that when character deletions are available I will not be taking any character restore requests for any reason. Make sure you have a strong password and that you not share your account with anyone.