Register New Account

Tips for creating an account

You do not need to create an account for an existing character use the Manage Character tool instead.
If you get redirected back to this page, the website failed to register you.
If you get redirected to the home page, the website successfully registered you.
Once the page is loaded you currently have 2 minutes to register and can only attempt to create an account once unless you refresh the page. (This will be an improved experience later.)
Currently usernames and passwords must be between 6 and 15 characters.
Don't make your username the same name as your character or your forums account. Try to make it something unique.
Do not share your account information with anyone, at any time! Staff will never need your password.
Do not share your account information with anyone! Your accounts will be linked and any rules broken by others will transfer punishment to your accounts.
Make a strong password that isn't the same as your bank account password. Make a unique password for each account!
Make sure you have access to the email you provide. This is the only way you will get your account back if you lose the password.
Seriously, don't share your account details with anyone.
If you've read and reread all of this and still can't register email with the subject line "UNABLE TO REGISTER" from the email you wish to register with.