I want to learn DRK

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I want to learn DRK

Post by Virden » Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:32 pm

tl;dr How do you play dark knight, and how does it compare to other 2h DD?

Anyone able to point me to a guide (preference for in era) on how to optimize playing drk? And as a side note to let me know how it stacks up against other 2h DD at endgame such as SAM DRG WAR? Would like to pick up a 2H melee job soon.

What I'm mainly wondering is the optimal way to use job abilities i.e soul eater/last resort before a WS or just for use with DoT swings? Using Drain II for boosting soul eater and dread spike damage or use it to get health back after a soul eater guillotine? Are absorb spells worth using and on what types of mobs? Worth carrying an elemental nuking set? These sorts of things at different levels.

As for the comparison to other jobs, I specifically was wondering about endgame as a whole. Sky, sea, merits, ToAU... Especially low man (6-12 people).

Obviously its always situational, but maybe an experienced dark knight could give some tips and insight on any of the stuff brought up. Thanks in advance!