How to connect to Eden

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How to connect to Eden

Post by Godmode » Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:01 pm

This is the link to the Eden Installer v4.3 to connect to Eden for 64 bit systems. You do not need to install FFXI first--this will do everything for you. The FFXI files in this installer were downloaded from SquareEnix directly. If the first link is full you can use the alternative download.

>>>> Click here to download the Eden Installer <<<<

Note: For 32 bit systems you'll need to install traditionally. Here is an excellent installation guide from our friends at Homepoint that shows how to install FFXI and connect to private servers. However, take note of the following information below in order to connect to Eden.

Note: Eden has a customized bootloader that is forked off xiloader that is optional now but will be mandatory to use starting late July / early August. >>>>> Click here to download <<<<<

You can run it by itself to play on Eden but I suggest to use Ashita. Here are the instructions to add it to your previous install.
  • You may be warned when launching the program. This is a Windows precaution for downloaded files.
  • Move eden.exe to your Ashita ffxi-bootmod directory
  • The default folder for this is \\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\Ashita\ffxi-bootmod
  • DO NOT rename edenxi.exe or it will not work
  • Open your Ashita configuration but right clicking a profile and then clicking "Edit configuration"
  • In the File section you will see something like .\\ffxi-bootmod\\pol.exe
  • Ensure that this is changed to .\\ffxi-bootmod\\edenxi.exe
Command can include a --user {username} --pass {password} replacing {username} and {password} with your actual username and password so that you can automatically login. However, you don't need anything else in this line to connect to Eden.

Parameters for Ashita:

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File: .\\ffxi-bootmod\\edenxi.exe
Optional Command: --user YOUR_USERNAME --pass YOUR_PASSWORD