Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

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Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by Cygon » Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:23 pm

Please let the development team know which issues, even ones yet recorded, with each job that are incorrect, weak, overpowered, and/or bothersome with any available proof/citations, keep in mind we are trying to stay era accurate as much as possible, and give your thoughts on order of importance. Feedback obtained through these posts will be used to help prioritize and direct development efforts to make the most impact for the community in a timely manner.

Please do not argue with other posters, stay on the constructive track, and avoid fluffy explanation.

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Re: Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by Rori » Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:42 pm
For the Avatar
When Avatars are commanded to use a Blood Pact, they ready them in a similar manner to weapon skills. Meaning, Silence has no affect on Avatars ability to use magical Blood Pacts (e.g. their "nuking" spell equivalent Elemental Magic Tiers II and IV), nor does Paralysis prevent their use.
Amnesia and Petrification, however, prevent Blood Pacts from being activated but does not consume the job ability timer, and gives the player a message that that action cannot be performed.
If a mob moves out of range of the Avatar while a Blood Pact is being readied, the Summoner will not have the Blood Pact Ability timer used and will receive a message that the target is too far away.
If the Avatar is defeated, released, or incapacitated (such as being Stunned, or receiving the effects of Terror, Petrification, Amnesia or any similar effect) while the Blood Pact is being used, one of two things will happen depending on when the Avatar is stopped:
If incapacitated immediately after the Blood Pact command has been given but before the Avatar is readying the Blood Pact, the summoner will retain their timer but no Blood Pact will be used.
If incapacitated after the Avatar is readying the Blood Pact, then the Blood Pact will not be used and the summoner will lose their timer.
BPs are currently going on cooldown immediately when initiated, regardless of if the BP goes off. The timer should not be consumed if the Avatar is out of range or incapacitated (asleep, petrified, ect..). It should only be consumed if the avatar has begun the ready'ing process and THEN become incapacitated in the delay between the readying and the execution of the blood pact.

Tier2 merit accuracy is absolute garbage for all avatars. There are a couple mobs that are severely undertuned where these abilities perform quite well, but in most cases (including regular XP mobs) the resist rate is so high as to make the ability completely pointless.

Additionally, the damage on these abilities is too high (1100dmg with 3/3 merits if unresisted). Fixing accuracy should result in the damage being reduced or else they'll be overpowered. Carbuncles Meteorite, when it isn't resisted, is also performing at a level higher than I would expect (600-700 dmg with 0 tp when I would expect it to be closer to 500)
Formula is (floor[512+1.72*(TP+1)] + floor[(Avatar's INT - Monster's INT) * 1.5]) * MAB(of avatar)/MDB(of monster) * Day/Weather
The formula I believe is the same for each of the merited blood pacts, just the INT of the individual avatar as well as the element of the damage is different. Additionally, I don't believe these abilities have the appropriate elements attached to them.

It would appear that the magic accuracy and physical accuracy bonus' from going over the skillcap via items / merits doesn't work.

The tier1 merits for Avatar Magic Attack Damage and Magic Attack Accuracy also do not appear to work (no noticable difference in resist rates or damage dealt).

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