Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

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Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by Cygon » Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:23 pm

Please let the development team know which issues, even ones yet recorded, with each job that are incorrect, weak, overpowered, and/or bothersome with any available proof/citations, keep in mind we are trying to stay era accurate as much as possible, and give your thoughts on order of importance. Feedback obtained through these posts will be used to help prioritize and direct development efforts to make the most impact for the community in a timely manner.

Please do not argue with other posters, stay on the constructive track, and avoid fluffy explanation.

BLU Accuracy, Community Feedback
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Re: Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by Jimmayus » Tue Jun 11, 2019 11:24 pm

Reserving this post for more stuff when I have more time to compose my thoughts. For now I'll drop three low hanging fruit:

1) Setting the Accuracy Bonus trait did not work properly at the time that I made this bug report (evidence is provided in the report):

However, I just set it now to retest before posting here and it works properly (providing the right amount of accuracy). I'm honestly not sure what to make of this. I'll simply say There were and maybe still are circumstances under which the accuracy bonus job trait might not properly function.

2) The Enchainment and Assimilation job traits (merited job traits) appeared in my trait list upon hitting 75 even though I do not have any points in them. Proof: and See also (The assimilation job trait is non-functional even when points are put into it. It should provide one additional blue magic set point per merit up to an additional 5 for a total of 50 set points).

3) The big one: trick attack has completely broken functionality with blue mage. Trick Attack does transfer enmity; however, it also 1) guarantees a hit with the spell, and 2) does not wear off when a successful blue magic skill lands, which means you can have a permanent trick attack buff. Sneak Attack should be the only JA that guarantees a hit (crit), and the second behavior is obviously incorrect.

I'll update this as I can compose a summary of more issues. As you're already aware Cygon I have a strong suspicion that physical spells are being whipsawed, i.e. subject to a physical accuracy check and then subsequently a magical resistance check. I believe it explains why multi-hit spells are arbitrarily weak here, and more generally why Drfistmd's results came out the way they did.

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Re: Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by DrFistMD » Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:40 am

To add onto Jimmy's posts about TA, posting an older Wiki entry (pre WotG albeit this is still true to this day in retail), TA when THF is your sub job should never be administering any damage boost, it should solely be transferring enmity.
If this ability is used by a character with Thief as a support job, the next strike will not receive any boost in damage whatsoever, only transfer the attack's enmity. ... did=310860

IMO, The biggest issue overall facing BLU is physical spells doing far too much on DC and below and far too little on T and above. Which have been thoroughly discussed in the thread referenced in the OP, I would just like to also mention that within that thread is a handful of era references demonstrating BLU damage as well damage ranges for spells.

While it's nice for BLUs, still of note, MP Drainkiss looks to have a 25 second recast, and seems to be performing incredibly strong currently. The correct recast timer should be 90s. Old wiki page pasted below, but even currently in retail the recast is 90s. Unfortunately I don't have any concrete demonstrating the effectiveness of the spell. The current page for this spell lists the soft cap 165 MP drained, putting it on par with Aspir. So perhaps starting there with some comparisons would be of benefit? ... did=349099

And while it is incredibly useful, it is not accurate to be able to swap spells whenever you feel like it.
Blue magic spells can be set by selecting the “Set Spells” option after choosing “Blue Magic” under “Magic” in the main menu. Please be aware that any time blue magic spells are set, the blue mage will be unable to cast any spells for 1 minute. The one minute timer does not apply when spells are set within your Mog House or Rent-A-Room. ... did=366002

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