03/12/2019 Patch

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03/12/2019 Patch

Post by Godmode » Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:39 am

- The TP formula has been adjusted more inline with era values.
- The quest Fly High has been implemented
- An issue with the database causing transport failure has been addressed

Please provide feedback about the TP gain formula regarding to monster TP gain rate. The prevailing era formula for it was not correct so I’ve made an adjustment based on some random posts as well as recollection. This will likely be work in progress and may be adjusted further down the road.

Finally, as a reminder: remember that exploiting or abusing any game mechanics or participating with players that are exploiting is grounds for punishment—even if retail did not enforce it, we will. Simply pleading that you didn’t know it wasn’t intended is not enough to save punishment from certain situations. In this case it’s better to ask if it’s ok first if you think something is wrong rather than dealing with the consequences after. Eden’s punishments are not just reverting the damage you did and labeling you as a cheater—they make you wish you had never done it.