07/01/2019 Version Update has arrived!

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07/01/2019 Version Update has arrived!

Post by Zeta » Mon Jul 01, 2019 6:00 pm


≪July 1, 2019 Update Details≫


A mysterious new notorious monster has been sighted in Phanaeut Channel!



■ The accuracy of the Hand-to-Hand weaponskill Asuran Fists has been increased.

■ The Warrior 2-hour Mighty Strikes will now correctly apply critical hits to physical weaponskills.

Note: We are aware this is not the only issue with Hand-to-Hand damage.


■ The drop rate of Khimaira's Hauteclaire has been made era accurate.

■ An issue where Hydra's shield abilities could be dispelled has been addressed.


■ The gil dropped by the notorious monster Aquarius has been made era accurate.

■ The drop rate of Curse Wand used in the Windurst Mission "Vain" has been made era accurate.

■ The drop rate for Shikigami Weapon's Yinyang Robe has been made era accurate.

■ The level of Goblin's Bat in Maze of Shakrami has been made era accurate.


■ An issue where Pugils in Qufim would be aggressive has been addressed.

■ The level of Sturmtiger involved in Dragoon artifact quest has been corrected.

■ An issue where some Kindred in Uleguerand Range were true sight has been corrected.

■ The respawn time of monsters in Bostaunieux Oubliette has been made era accurate.



■ It is no longer possible to obtain the out of era item Tremorstone from Cloister of Tremors.

■ It is no longer possible to trade the crafting material Wyvern Skull.


■ The Alchemy Guild in Aht Urhgan will now stock Minium.

■ The recipe for the out of era Dawn Mulsum has been removed.

■ The Marksmanship weapon Musketoon may now by listed on the Auction House.

■ The out of era Elshimo Pachira has been removed from the NPC vendor.


■ It is no longer possible to list the following out of era items at the Auction House:

- Buffoon's Collar +1

- Blunderbuss +1


■ Additional Effects have been implemented for the following weapons:

- Hauteclaire

- Algol

- Stun Kukri / +1

- Wing sword / +1

- Tigerhunter

- Holy Lance / +1

- Bloody Blade / Carnage Blade

- Fire Staff / Vulcan's Staff

- Ice Staff / Aquilo's Staff

- Wind Staff / Auster's Staff

- Earth Staff / Terra's Staff

- Thunder Staff / Jupiter's Staff

- Water Staff / Neptune's Staff

- Light Staff / Apollo's Staff

- Dark Staff / Pluto's Staff



■ Previously missing time extensions in Dynamis - Bastok have been added.



■ Issues with conquest control have been addressed.

■ The handling of the transport system has been improved.

■ Some issues impacting server stability have been addressed.

■ An issue where it was possible to not obtain quest related items due to full inventory has been addressed for many quests.



■ Thank you to Caelic for providing the fix for Mighty Strikes!


That concludes this version update. Thank you for playing on Eden!

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