Q3 2019 Eden Outlook

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Q3 2019 Eden Outlook

Post by Godmode » Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:29 pm

We have taken a great effort to discourage cheating this quarter and will continue to do so. We have been experimenting with cheat and illegal addon detection tools which have been deployed already for some time now. While they are in development we will be keeping detailed records of suspicious flags that they raise on characters and if they are determined to be accurate (which so far we are sure they do not flag a false positive) we will be banning the characters that have been caught with them thus far. We will be continuing to add more of these tools to assist in keeping Eden a fair environment.

Since our last update we've had 1086 GM calls inbound through the GM ticketing system. Yikes! We've also banned exactly 500 characters that have violated various rules such as position hacking, fish botting, cure botting, harassing other players, claim botting, using shorthand to claim, and RMT.

Finally, Eden is using a new bootloader--for several reasons but mainly in order to prepare for the new login server. You can find it in the new installer (version 4.1) or stand-alone in the Connecting to Eden post in the Server Information section. If you're unable to connect to Eden, this is a likely cause. If you're still having trouble connecting after you replace your bootloader or are just having trouble with the whole process you can visit us in #tech-support on our Discord server.