Second Half 2019 Eden Outlook

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Second Half 2019 Eden Outlook

Post by Godmode » Wed May 22, 2019 2:39 am

In our patch before last--nick named Bugapalooza--our development team got a ton of bugs fixed. Not all of them were mentioned due to the sheer number of them but needless to say, Eden is more bug free because of it. Also, more importantly, we stabilized the server from the crashes that were happening quite frequently earlier this month.

One of the larger projects that was put in place this last patch were changes to Dynamis that were needed to bring more era accurate Dynamis outland zones to Eden. This means that you should expect outland Dynamis as early as June or July. We've also got a special surprise in store for you all very soon but we won't be revealing what it is until that patch is out. A little bit more of a teaser... it's another project that will be live on Eden first. We are excited to debut it!

Some more work that has been done to Eden recently is an update to the GM ticket system where GMs as well as myself can leave offline messages for players. This way when schedules conflict between an available GM and the player that placed the ticket we can communicate much easier. If you were still waiting on a response for something to be resolved please place a new ticket at this time for the updated system as it may have got lost in the shuffle.

We will be borrowing another page out of the Square Enix playbook as far as it comes to catching cheaters and violators of our rules. We will be posting a monthly status report of GM activity and players that were banned. This will be lumped in to one big clump of numbers though and players will no longer be named individually. To date we've answered 1858 calls that have went through our ticketing system. (Yes, that's an actual number. We get a ton of calls. We weren't joking!) We've also banned 325 players that have violated various rules such as position hacking, fish botting, cure botting, harassing other players, claim botting, RMT, and too many other reasons to list out. Bottom line, we actively patrol on Eden and most of our players will report cheaters that they see as well. You'll get caught eventually--and it's not worth the risk.

Finally, there are some structural changes to Eden. Some that you've seen happen recently and some that are in progress with the staff in order to help keep Eden healthy and thriving. One visual change will be our patch notes. Zeta is taking them over and making them a lot nicer looking than I did. Check them out here. If you or anyone you know is interested in contributing to Eden in a more official manner please contact Shoruto or another staff member for details.