Have I been banned?

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Have I been banned?

Post by Godmode » Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:14 pm

In every game some players will attempt to get ahead by any means necessary. Some of those means are forbidden and if caught will many times be met with a ban.

If you are banned you will be unable to log into the game. You can check to see if your account has been banned by logging into your account on the website. There is a link that says “Manage Character” on the navigation bar. Once you sign in you will see a list of your characters. There is a row under each character card that normally displays “Online!” or “Offline!” but in the instance that you are banned it will display “Banned :(

Previously to this system we would move players to jail and talk to them about why they were being banned. However, we are now taking a lesson from retail on this and just banning the players after we discover this activity. Players that have this status displayed will be able to email godmodeffxi@gmail.com to explain themselves, ask for a second chance, appeal, or whatever they want to ask. However, do not email more than once. We will review every email but will not reply to each. If you don’t receive a reply it means your case is either pending or we decided not to lift the ban. In addition, do not message a GM in game or on Discord to bump your email to be addressed or complain about it.

As always, thank you to those that play by the rules and report those who are behaving suspiciously. We take all of these reports seriously.