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Forum Rules

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:38 pm
by Godmode
  1. Post in the relevant sub-forums, Messages posted in the incorrect sub-forum will be removed or moved.
  2. Harassment: Non-tolerance, The forums are a place for respectful conversation, anything that goes against this will lead to appropriate punishment being given based on the offense. Harassment against any party, (Other Users, Eden Staff, etc.) will lead to the aforementioned punishment being issued.
  3. Adult Content: No profanity or pornography is allowed, any posts containing adult material will be deleted, repeated offenses will lead to escalating punishment.
  4. Illegal Content: No re-posting of copyrighted materials, other illegal content is strictly against the rules as well, any posts containing illegal or copyrighted material will be removed and escalating punishment will be applied to the user responsible.
  5. One account per person, anyone found to be using multiple accounts will lose them all.,
  6. Any discussion about Eden and other FFXI Private servers must be civil and unbiased. Slandering any servers on this forum is strictly prohibited and will lead to immediate loss of your forum account, out of respect for all the effort the staff of each private server has put into them.
  7. Spam is not allowed, spamming will lead to action being taken against your forum account.
Failure to comply with the rules may result in a suspension / ban across all Eden content; including the game.