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stuck on login

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:37 am
by g1cbr
can anyone help with my problem? basically i am stuck in the loop of entering my username and password
i suspect the problem is because i am using vpn
but i'm located in china and i have to use vpn.
without it, server wouldnt even connect, with vpn i can at least get to the login screen
but after i entered my username and password, it gets stuck for a min or two and kicks me back to username input again.
any idea how i can fix it?
any help is greatly appreciated.

ps. the login screen msg looks as below

[11/05/19 16:26:02] ===========================================================================
[11/05/19 16:26:02] DarkStar Boot Loader (c) 2019 DarkStar Team
[11/05/19 16:26:02] Modified for use with the Eden Server
[11/05/19 16:26:02] Bugs:
[11/05/19 16:26:02] Discord:
[11/05/19 16:26:02] Website:
[11/05/19 16:26:02] ===========================================================================
[11/05/19 16:26:02] By connecting to Eden you agree to our terms and conditions.
[11/05/19 16:26:02] Please read these on the server information section of our website.
[11/05/19 16:26:02] ===========================================================================
[11/05/19 16:26:03] Connected to server!
[11/05/19 16:26:03] Resolving host: DESKTOP-OUS7PE6
[11/05/19 16:26:03] Please enter your login information.
[11/05/19 16:26:03] To create a new account visit

Username: g1cbrkyh
Password: **********

[11/05/19 16:26:10] [send] Size: 00000100 [Addr: 004062E1]
[11/05/19 16:28:13] Connected to server!
[11/05/19 16:28:13] Resolving host: DESKTOP-OUS7PE6
[11/05/19 16:28:13] Autologin activated!
[11/05/19 16:28:13] [send] Size: 00000100 [Addr: 004062E1]
[11/05/19 16:30:24] Connected to server!
[11/05/19 16:30:24] Resolving host: DESKTOP-OUS7PE6
[11/05/19 16:30:24] Please enter your login information.
[11/05/19 16:30:24] To create a new account visit


Re: stuck on login

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:53 pm
by Gatorfan
Server is down so you will need to wait before trying to log in. More info can be found in the Discord Announcement channel

Re: stuck on login

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:29 am
by g1cbr
thx for the reply, i hope that is the case.
i had the same problem with nasomi, never got to play on it again