Returning SMN seeking a home.

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Returning SMN seeking a home.

Post by MercyXI » Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:23 am

Ahoy Eden,

Firstly, Welcome back everyone! Glad the server has recovered from the recent problem. Thanks to the Devs for everything.

I recently returned to Eden after needing to step away due to some crazy real life things that were going on for me. Im currently trying to find a new home on Eden at the moment, I work overnight so I can tend to be a little sluggish leveling sometimes but I am experienced with the game as a whole and I have no issues helping with anything I can within my abilities, I started on Kupo, and slowly over time and thru the insanity of my real life situation I have managed to climb my way, mostly soloing, to Summoner 50, about to ding 51. All I really wish to get is an active social or progression LS that is helpful and friendly that I can grow more with. You can find me in game at some point daily, my ingame name is Mercy, or thru my discord you can find from the server discord if you cant find me ingame. Thank you in advance should you choose to have me!