Eden 1 Year Anniversary Real Life Get Together - Raleigh NC

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Eden 1 Year Anniversary Real Life Get Together - Raleigh NC

Post by GrayRail » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:36 am

Eden IRL Get Together and Be Merry Event

Sept 27-30 in Raleigh, NC

October 1, 2019 is the 1 year anniversary of Eden. Let's celebrate with some IRL merriment ~

Friday – Arrival and FFXI
Saturday - FFXI, Food Hall, Arcade, board games, and bars
Sunday - FFXI and Go Karting
Monday – FFXI and departure

Lots of pic opportunities all weekend!!!

Friday, Sept 27 Arrival and FFXI

Driving – make sure to receive my address before coming. I’ll inform you about parking locations for your vehicle once we’ve talked
Flying in – make sure to send me your itinerary so I can coordinate with others for cheaper Ubers/Lyfts or maybe a multi person pick up

Hit the grocery store (Food Lion, Wal-Mart or Carlie C’s IGA) to pick up any groceries you desire. Postmates, Uber Eats, and Grubhub have a great selection to choose from in our area. There is also www.919dine.com that delivers. Around the corner is a great American restaurant and bar.
There are a few Vape stores near my house for supplies. Please – smoke and vape out on one of the decks at my house – not inside. Thank you.

Saturday Sept 28 FFXI, Food Hall, and Arcade (BARS!)

FFXI until 3 pm

3 pm, we’ll head to Morgan Street Food Hall for lunch/dinner.
Click Me for Food Hall Information!

For those with specific diet needs, this place might be better:
Click me for Living Kitchen website

Living Kitchen is within walking distance of Boxcar Arcade so you can join us there after.

Boxcar Arcade after Morgan Street Food Hall

Walk over to Boxcar Arcade after eating and stay until 8 pm. 8 pm and for the rest of the night – this place is unbearably packed! So, we want to beat the rush. Feel free to stay and hang out after 8 pm at Boxcar or feel free to walk the 3 blocks to the bar scene in downtown Raleigh. I know the better bars, so I’ll give you a list or I'll have my friend, Katie, take the group around! (Fayetteville St. is the main street for chill bars and South Glenwood has the party scene bars) Everything is within walking distance and most of the bars here do not disappoint. For the others that are done with being out, we’ll head back to my place for FFXI or board games.

Sunday Sept 29 Go Karting

Leave my house around 1 pm to head to Rush Hour Indoor Karting.
Rush Hour Website

We wait with our group of less than 5. If more than 5 ppl:

Karting – Sprint Race
$45 per person
5 minute practice
6 minute qualifier
10 minute race

Track is exclusive for our group of 5 or more! When we initially talk, I’ll find out your interest and make reservations
Details here

Go back to my house after karting. Play FFXI, eat, and be merry until your decided departure.

Please send me a message on Discord once you’re in for sure so we can discuss details about your arrival/departure, hotel or crash at my house, and to answer any other questions you have.

Thank you!!


PS - Thanks to Caelic and Raphtalia for ideas for the event :)

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Re: Eden 1 Year Anniversary Real Life Get Together - Raleigh NC

Post by Gavin » Sun Sep 01, 2019 3:06 am

Ohhhhhhh snap we can post in this one?

So I'm coming for the full weekend, as is my buddy Bazkoth. We only live a couple of hours down the road so it's easy for us to get there. We're bringing +1s and the womp womps.


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Re: Eden 1 Year Anniversary Real Life Get Together - Raleigh NC

Post by GrayRail » Mon Sep 30, 2019 4:06 am

The short version:

Final fantasy shenanigans happened for about 2 hours
computers blew up
Borderlands fun happened
Food Hall filled our bellies
Lots of Pacman and air hockey played - smash brothers
Night ended with a congo line at a pride fest

Borderlands shenanigans played again due to computer actually being dead, RIP SSD drive

Too many pbr's drank.... Lawn * might * have been mowed

Finished CoP 2-5

Happy anniversary Eden!

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