WHM Conquest Points

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WHM Conquest Points

Post by 40degrees » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:29 pm

SO, how should a WHM spend their conquest points?
Bands for extra XP? (Cause levelling a WHM from 0-16 can be reaaaaaal slow.)

Chariot Band costs 500 CP, and gives +75% extra XP, for a duration of 90 minutes.
Empress Band costs 1000 CP, gives +50% extra XP, duration is 180 minutes
Emperor Band costs 2000 CP, gives +50% XP, duration 720 minutes (Six Hours!)
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Re: WHM oOnquest Points

Post by 40degrees » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:41 pm

Or spend the Conquest Points on a travel ring?
Return RIng costs 2500 Conquest Points, and returns the wearer to the Outpost of the region they are in-
ONLY if 1- their city currently controls that regions, AND
2- the person using the ring, has completed a Supply Run Mission to that Outpost

Homing RIng - costs 9000 CP
When used, this warps the user to the Outpost in the region the user is currently in, but only if the user's nation controls the region and the user has done the Supply Run Mission to that region. The user must also be of a HIGH ENOUGH level to be outpost warped there normally.

Warp Ring - costs 5000 CP
- Wiki was sparse on details....but other locations indicated use in mog house - one use per 10 minutes.

What is not explained, is how many uses each ring has? Once? 100 uses? And it was inferred that the Warp RIng cannot run out of uses?
Yeah, WHM can get scroll of warp, make gil warping people to Teleport locations....but first you must be level 32 or higher, and you have to buy the scroll. For a WHM who is low on gil, this can be too expensive. Plus you still need to travel from level 20 to 32, and that can be very expensive.
IF the Warp RIng truly takes you from one Mog House to another....seems this is much more convenient, than waiting for an Outpost to become available for a Supply mission, and then waiting for the Outpost to be under your control.

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Re: WHM oOnquest Points

Post by 40degrees » Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:21 pm

Or should a WHM spend Conquest Points on the weapons and armor available?

Seems to me, the armor and weapons available thru CP points, are either not that great for a WHM, or by the time you get the points, the items might already be too low for you.

NOTE: Items at Windy, for CP, are NOT the same as items available in Sandy or Bastok.
Rank 1 - Freesword items, each item costs 1000 CP.
Level 10 items, Staff, Club, Bow, Baghnakhs, or a set of Slops (pants)
Opinion: I would save your conquest points...spend some gil on some level 12 items,
that will take you to level 20

Rank 2- Mercenary gear, each item costs 2000 CP
Level 20 items, Greatsword, Knife, Pole
Gear are all only for MNK/SAM/NIN, for head, body, hands, pants, boots
So....the ONLY level 20 item ok for a WHM, is the pole....and if you like to carry a shield.
However, if you are a MNK/SAM/NIN, then maybe Windy is the place for you, as this is nice gear, for those jobs.

Rank 3 - Mercenary Captains gear, costs 4000 CP for each item
Level 30 Items,
Belt, for all jobs
A Windurstian Ring, gives MP+3, AGI +1 INT +1
For all jobs, but seems best for WHM/BLM/RDM
A Dagger called the Kukri for jobs like WAR/THF/PUP, etc
A Scythe, only used by DRK
Gear for head, body, hands, legs, shoes - all useable by most Jobs
w/ Dex +1 and AGI +1, and DEF +10 -- seems decent gear, maybe not
the best for a WHM, but if you have more gil than you have points,
then very possible

Rank 4 - Combat Caster gear costs 8000 CP per item. (Thats A LOT)
Level 40
Axe for WAR types, Scimitar for WAR types, a Boomerang for War types
Dagger for BLM/SMN/SCH which are often sub jobs
for WHM, or secondary career jobs
Gear includes hands, pants, shoes, cloak
The cloak can be a hard item to obtain....but this one hass STR +2, INT +2 and MND -3 so maybe ok for a BLM but not for a WHM.
AND An item called a Green Scarf- is LEVEL 10 ! not 40. Seems strange to cost
8000 CP. Gives DEF +1 and HP+2, and for low defense WHM, this might be
a good item. Wearable by most jobs.
Will post higher ranks later.

Rank 1- Costs 1000 CP each item, for Level 10
these items are called Royal Footman

Rank 2 - Costs 2000 CP each item, for Level 20
these items are called Royal Footman and Royal Spearman
seem to be some for WHM, some for other jobs

Rank 3, Costs 4000 CP for each item, Level 30
called Royal Squire
I like the Royal Squire Mace, a club for WAR/WHM/PLD
Very little of the other items can be worn by a WHM

Rank 1 - Cost 1000 CP for each item, level 10
Called Legionnaire
Rank 2 - Cost 2000 CP for each item, Level 20
Called Decurion
A nice hammer for WHM/GEO, for level 18..
but how many WHM from Bastok? rest of the items seem
not wearable by WHM
Rank 3- cost 4000 CP for each item, Level 30
Called Centurion
Except for Legionnaire's Circlet, for level 10, all jobs except War?
Not worth 4000 CP, unless you dont have any other way to spend
CP points, and you are still a level 10-20....

Overall, CP points on this gear does not seem best for a WHM, except maybe a few pieces here and there. I would research and be careful.

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