The Way Of Shadow (A comprehensive Ninja job guide)

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The Way Of Shadow (A comprehensive Ninja job guide)

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Hello all and welcome to my Ninja job guide. This is my first official guide that I am writing and it will be a work in progress spanning likely over the next few weeks. I will try to update this as much as possible and continue to expand on it as time allows me. Without further ado here we go! I hope you all enjoy. Please if you have any feedback or just want to say that my guide helped you, send me a message!

1. Race
2. Weapons
3. Spells
4. Job Abilities
5. Job Traits
6. Equipment Guide
6a. Katana
6b. Ranged
6c. Head
6d. Body
6e. Hands
6f. Rings
6g. Back
6h. Waist
6i. Legs
6.j Feet
6k. Neck
6l. Ear
7. Ninja 75 Optimized equipment

1. Race Selection:

Hume - As with any job, Hume is the jack-of-all-trades. There is nothing they do exceptionally well here, but they are a solid choice when considering the all around ability they have.

Mithra - Naturally high AGI and DEX make Mithra a stand out race choice and a cut above the rest for those purely interested in optimizing job role, I feel that Mithra are overall the best suited to play Ninja,

Elvaan - High STR stat and good base HP make Elvaan a consistant good dps melee, however Elvaan suffer from extremely low INT stat thus making your enfeebs harder to apply and your Ni and San wheels much less effective,

Galka - Similar to Elvaan, High STR and base HP. Great tankability but much of the same weakness as Elvaan with the added low AGI. The extremely low MP pool will also play a factor as you approach end game NIN/DRK. Proper spell rotations will be near impossible without sacrificing much needed stats elsewhere for a larger MP pool.

Tarutaru - High INT make this little Ninja a RAID BOSS in end game solo ability. Also sitting with decent AGI to compliment and the largest MP pool for NIN/DRK Taru is an exceptional Ninja and would be my second choice overall for job power. Of course suffering from the smallest HP pool can make some end game tanking a little scary but you leveled DRK on Tarutaru! You're not afraid of dancing with death are you?!

2. Weapons

Katana - The main stay of the Ninja arsenal. Katana come in two different forms, the high base dmg/high delay, and the low base damage/low delay typing. The high base dmg high delay weapon should always go in your Main Hand since Main Hand weapon base dmg is what effects your weapon skill damage.

Staff - Most commonly the Ninja uses the Earth/Terra staff as its tanking option end game as NIN/DRK. This is because of the physical damage reduction which is very potent considering the amount of total damage reduction Ninja can accumulate. However, Ninja can get usage out of each of their elemental staves as it does increase the effectiveness of the corresponding jutsu (i.e. Ice Staff/Hyoton:Ni)

Club - Though not effective, if you're lucky enough to own a K-Club... it's an extremely fun toy to play with as Ninja. I would not recommend using in any other circumstance.

Throwing - Ninja receives an A+ in throwing, though in most cases you'll want the added stats of your ranged ammo as opposed to actually using it. (i.e. Ungur's Boomerang) Sange(Group 2 merit) is surprisingly effective when used properly though I would not recommend for most end game scenario.

3. Magic

Each Jutsu from Ninja comes with 2 tiers, an Ichi being the lower tier, and Ni being middle tier. What's known as the "Elemental Wheels" (Raiton, Doton, Huton, etc...) also include an optionally meritted San tier. I will only list each spell once not all versions of the spells for elementals.

Lv.9. Tonko - Ninja's invisible spell. Uses Shinobi-Tabi to cast. Stackable upon recast.
Lv.12 Utsusemi: Ichi - Ninja's main source of tanking ability. Grants the user 3 shadows each disappearing and losing a small percentage enmity upon enemy melee or single target spell. AoE spells completely wipe Utsusemi without absorbing damage while AoE physical attacks can be absorbed by multiple shadows. Uses Shihei to cast. Stackable upon recast.
Lv. 15 Katon: Deals Fire damage to enemy lowering it's resistance against Water. Uses Uchitake to cast.
Lv.15 Suiton: Deals Water damage to enemy lowering it's resistance against Thunder. Uses Mizu-Deppo to cast.
Lv.15 Raiton: Deals Thunder damage to enemy lowering it's resistance against Earth. Uses Hiraishin to cast.
Lv.15 Doton: Deals Earth damage to enemy lowering it's resistance against Wind. Uses Makibishi to cast.
Lv.15 Huton: Deals Wind damage to enemy lowering it's resistance against Wind. Uses Kawahori-Ogi to cast.
Lv.15 Hyoton: Deals Ice damage to enemy lowering it's resistance against Fire. Uses Tsurara to cast.
Lv19 Kurayamii: Blinds the enemy. Lowering acc by 20.
Lv.23 Hojo: Slows the enemy.
Lv.25 Monomi: Ninja sneak. Currently not "in era". We'll see what the future holds!
Lv.27 Dokumori: Poisons the enemy.
Lv.30 Jubaku: Paralyzes the enemy.
Lv.34 Tonko: Ni. Does not stack with Ichi. Stackable upon recast.
Lv.37 Utsusemi: Ni. Grants the user 4 shadows instead of 3. Follows the same properties as it's previous Ichi version. Does not stack with Ichi.Should you cast Utsusemi: Ni with active Ichi shadows, Utsusemi: Ni will wipe all remaining Ichi shadows and reset your count to 4. Stackable upon recast.
Lv.40 Ni Elementals: Also known as the "Elemental Wheels". See description of Ichi version. Much faster casting time, increased base damage and, increased resistance down effect.
Lv.44 Kurayami: Ni. See above
Lv.48 Hojo: Ni. See above.
Lv.75 San Elementals: Meritted from group 1 , San is the 3rd and most powerful tier of elemental jutsu. In the hands of a proper Ninja, can deal devastating damage.

4. Job Abilities

Lv.1 Mijin Gakure - Boom boom. Free warp? Essentially the worst 2-hour in game. Meh... At least it's fun to give your WHM a heart attack?
Lv.75 Sange - Merit group 2. Consumes all remaining shadows to throw shuriken equal to the number of shadows lost. Effective tp building technique. High dmg though very situational. I would not recommend merit because other options in category are much better overall.

5. Job Traits

Stealth - Lowers the aggro range of nearby hostile mobs.
Dual Wield - Allows the user to equip 2 1 handed weapons.
Resist Bind - Increases resistance against Bind
Subtle Blow - Decreases enemy tp gain upon melee attack. (numbers crunch later)
Max HP Boost - Raises maximum HP
Ninja Tool Expertise - Occasionally allows the use of Ninjutsu without using a tool. Merit Ability

6. Equipment Guide
The following is what I feel is the bis at each level. I will also include a variety of options if certain items are too expensive or too difficult to obtain. BiS = Best in Slot

6a. Katana:

Lv.1 Kunai +1
Lv.7 Wakizashi +1
Lv.13 Shinobi-Gatana +1
Lv.15 Gassan - Drops from Chocoboleech in Dangruf Wadi. Off-hand if you choose to get this. Not worth the time investment. Imo the Lv.16 katana is a big upgrade.
Lv.16 Mokuto +1 - These things are amazing vs worms in Korroloka and Qufim Island. Dual Wield.
Lv.19 Suzume - Off-hand weapon usually paired with the next weapon on the list but for now offhand with Mokuto+1 in Main-hand
Lv.20 Ganko - Main hand pairing of Suzume
Lv.24 Hibari +1 - Decent Upgrade from previous set. Dual Wield these.
lv.26 Busuto +1 - Not a fan of these katana but none the less another upgrade in the dmg department. Main-hand this with offhand Hibari +1
Lv.28 Fukuro - Great stats all around. Replaces Hibari +1 in offhand
Lv.30 Nikkariaoe - This Katana is godly. Recommend getting for any serious NIN as it's BiS for many levels for the sheer utility of it. Main-hand for now
Lv.36 Midare +1 - These babies are must have. Dual wield or keep Nikka as Off-hand. Users choice. Either way, great combo
Lv.40 Anju - It's free... so there's that?
Lv. 40 Zushio - Free 99. AF replaces Midare set
Lv.41 Bokuto +1 - At least you got 1 lvl of usefulness out of AF? Dual wield these. Blindness (Yes please.)
From here on out there is a plethora of options for NIN. Everyones opinion of BiS I'm sure will be different so I would advise you to evaluate your situation and decide which is best for you.
Lv.46 Yoto +1 - Weakens defense. Fairly good proc rate. Dual Wield these. Off-hand optional later.
Lv.47 Hien +1 - Great for Offhand. You have to decide here between attack speed, debuffing, or defensive ability.
Lv.48 Sai +1 - Outstanding Katana. Great base damage and with capped parrying skill these babies are a dream come true and they look awesome to boot! Dual Wield these.
Lv. 50 Buboso - Obtained from ENM currently unavailable but because it is BiS for so long I have chosen to include it in this list. BiS offhand for many many levels.
Lv.54 Muketsu +1 - Main-hand upgrade from Sai +1. HP drain proc rate is high though the active hp steal is abysmal. Would not recommend dual wield but if you don't have Buboso these are next best.
Lv.60 Sairen - Stats (Do you need it?) This baby is a stats boss on Darksday. Good base damage. Main-hand Obtained from BCNM Kindred Spirits.
Lv.61 Kabutowari +1 - Meh
Lv.67 Imanotsurugi - Good luck getting this baby... currently unavailable. Obtained from ENM Ouryu Cometh.
This is another point where there are many options for Ninja as far as which to main or off-hand. From this point most are situational.
Lv.70 Fudo - One of the highest dmg potential Katana in the game because of the crit multiplier. Dual wield these.
Lv.71 Unsho - Great stat bonuses. More consistant dmg than Fudo but lower potential dmg. Users choice.
Lv.72 Unji - The brother of Unsho, same remarks
Lv.72 Mamushito +1 - Mandatory for any solo Ninja. You literally can't live without these. The stun rate may be low but boy o' boy when they stun in a hard solo it's absolutely game changing.
Lv.72 Senjuinrikio - Let me just say I freaking love this Katana. I used this Katana for much of my Ninja career. with Perdu Off-hand Straight upgrade to Fudo. Obtained from BCNM "Operation Desert Swarm" commonly referred to as "ODS".
Lv.73 Izayoi +1 - Great flat dmg. Not much else to say here.
Lv.73 Perdu Blade - BiS Off-hand forever! Perdu is bae and bae is love. Unfortunately it's not currently available. :/
Lv.75 Kikoku - Unnnnf... The pinnacle of Ninja perfection. Ninja Relic weapon. Att+20 Additional effect: Paralysis and occasionally does x3 damage. Highest base damage of any Katana in the game at a whopping 42 base damage with a blazing fast 210 delay. Allows the use of Blade: Retsu. BiS

6b. Ranged/Ammo:

Lv.15 Rogetsurin - Obtained from Benedict Vran or Haty Full moon/New moon. Nice AGI bonus.
Lv.58 Tiphia Sting - Optional piece for slight increase in dps. Eva down hurts a bit but lets be real.. We're not really evading birds at this level.
Lv.63. Bomb Core - Great attack bonus. Easily obtainable for most people and affordable.
Lv.70 Fire Bomblet - BiS overall usage. Good acc and att bonus. While the bomb core does have higher overall dps potential, I do value acc over att.
Lv.70 Ungur's Boomerang - Obtained from Ungur in Gustav Tunnel. BiS evasion set piece.

6c. Head

Lv.1 Cache-Nez - Enmity+2 at level 1! Wowzers. Great piece. Macro in for voke. Obtained from quest "Tuning Out".
Lv.24 Empress Hairpin - Absolutely mandatory to level NIN. All the stats you could ever want. BiS eva piece until Lv.70
Lv.41 Voyager Sallet - BiS weapon skill piece. Resist the temptation to full time because this baby looks soooo sweet!
Lv..56 Ninja Hatsuburi - Macro in for enfeebling or when using Elemental Wheels. Great piece, underated.
Lv.63 Arhat's Jinpachi +1 - This will be part of your end game tank set. Phsy Dmg - and Enmity bonus.
Lv.70 Optical Hat - BiS Evasion set piece. Gives all the eva of Empress but adds +10 acc. You'll be full timing this for most of your solo career.
Lv.71 Yasha Jinpachi +1 - Personally I feel that this piece is not needed but because it is BiS for enmity I have included it. Macro in for voke.
Lv.73 Koga Hatsuburi - Ninja AFv2, replaces Ninja Hatsuburi for Elemental Wheels but not enfeebs.
Lv.73 Shura Zunari Kabuto - BiS weapon skill piece. Macro in for weapon skill and swap back out. Obtained from Dryadic Abjuration: Head dropped by Seiryu. Must also aquire a Cursed Kabuto either by AH or craft.
Lv. 75 Walahra Turban - If you're not wearing your Ohat... Guess what? Your getting the good ole' turban! Macro in for Utsu when using full Eva set. Full time for maximum dps potential if you have enough acc to hit without needing the extra acc from Ohat.

6d. Body

Lv.8 Kenpogi +1 - Small DEX bonus
Lv.13 Power Gi - Small STR bonus, higher DEF bonus
Lv.16 Bone Harness +1 - First EVA+ body.
Lv.21 Beetle Harness +1 - Upgraded version of Bone
Lv.30 Nanban Kariginu - ATT bonus
Lv.33 RSE Body - Dependant upon race. In most cases Nanban is still a solid choice.
Lv.40 Jujitsu Gi - Finally! We get some much needed acc! Great body piece and looks kewl. I would defnitely invest into this piece because it is useful until SH at 57.
Lv.49 Shinobi Gi +1 - Optional upgrade to Jujitsu. The EVA bonus is nice but I prefer the Jujitsu Gi.
Lv.50 Nokizaru Gi - Another enmity bonus piece good to macro in for voke. Jujitsu is still best.
Lv.55 Akinji Peti - While this piece is certainly an upgrade, I would not recommend purchasing this since the next upgrade is permanent and so close in level. The Scorpion Harness is just better all around.
Lv.57 Scorpion Harness +1 - This is BiS body for Ninja Overall. BiS Evasion set body. This paired with Ohat gives amazing stats. I would recommend saving for HQ just because the sheer amount of usage you get out of it.
Lv.58 Ninja Chainmail - Fun piece to wear around. The +1 version is great but unfortunately not yet available. Still not a bad alternative if you are really poor and can't afford SH. No ACC bonus though makes it hard to full time in exp.
Lv.59 Haubergeon +1 - BiS Body for weapon skill. Alot of people debate K. Osode vs NQ Hauby but I believe Hauby, even the NQ is better than K. Osode. This piece is a must buy for serious Ninja.
Lv.60 Byrnie +1 - This is one of those ACC vs ATT things that are a constant debate. I will always prefer ACC so I believe Hauby is superior but the price tag may be more appropriate for some as a Hauby alternative. Not a bad piece by any means... just Hauby does it better. Macro in for weapon skill.
Lv.64 Arhat's Gi +1 - BiS end game tank body for NIN/DRK. Great damage reduction and enmity bonus.
Lv.70 War Shinobi Gi +1 - This piece offers Regen effect which is pretty potent. A nice addon accessory for the completionist Ninja.
Lv.71 Yasha Samue +1 - BiS enmity bonus piece. Great for macroing in for Elemental Jutsu damage until K. Osode
Lv.73 Shura Togi - Don't be this Ninja... please don't! I s'pose if nothing else is available to you you could use this but at that point you could just buy a Hauby or SH that does whatever this tries to achieve... but better
Lv.74 Koga Chainmail - Same as Shura Togi... I guess it's kewl looking?
Lv.74 Ninja Chainmail +1 - Shock Spikes is meh but a nice little bonus. Enhances dual wield by another 5%. You won't really use this often but still an outstanding piece.
Lv.75 Kirin's Osode - First thing's first! This piece does not parse better than Hauby for weapon skill or full time. It lacks the acc needed for consistant dps and 3 fold weapon skill damage. The +4 STR and DEX mod over Hauby does not make enough difference for MOST mobs you'll be fighting. Now if you're squishing some low level mobs, sure! Throw this on for style points. Where this piece really shines is through Elemental Wheels. This piece is BiS body for Ninjutsu damage and enfeebs since the high +10 INT value is the best Ninja can get. Great piece to add to the collection overall.

6e. Hands:

Lv.10 Ryl. Footman Gloves - ATT bonus
Lv.15 Kingdom Gloves - Straight upgrade from Ryl Footman
Lv.21 Beetle Mittens +1 - Optional to upgrade to these after Kingdom. Eva+ is nice but users choice.
Lv.25 Federation Tekko - Much needed ACC as we head into Mandy camps.
Lv.34 Horomusha Kote/OKote - Honestly you cuold argue until you're blue in the face about these 2 gloves all day but it really is just personal preference. I do prefer OKote because I do not really value EVA while leveling, especially once your 40+ and have access to Haste. These will eventually be replaced so you can live without them but golly are they good for such a long time. Almost 40 lvls.
Lv.64 Arhat's Tekko +1 - Nice enmity bonus. Macro in for voke, full time Eva set.
Lv.71 Yasha Tekko +1 - BiS enmity piece. Macro in for voke. For inventory reasons I do prefer Arhat's +1.
Lv.72 Dusk Gloves +1 - BiS overall for Ninja. Macro in for Utsusemi, full time for maximum dps potential.
Lv.73 Hanzo Tekko - BiS available EVA piece. Macro into EVA set
Lv.73 Bandomusha Kote - I'm trying to find something good to say about these... but I just can't. The staggering ammount of effort to aquire these are enough to shy anyone away.
Lv.74 Ninja Tekko +1 - BiS weapon skill piece. Currently unavailable.
Lv75 Koga Tekko +1 - Situational BiS Haste piece. Macro in for Utsusemi at night.

6f. Rings:

Lv.14 Balance Ring +1 - DEX Bonus = ACC and weapon skill mod.
Lv.30 Archer's Ring - Small ACC Bonus
Lv.30 Rajas Ring - BiS forever. Full-time and never take it off
Lv.34 Venerer Ring - Archer's Ring upgrade
Lv.35 Jaeger Ring - Venerer Ring Upgrade. Obtained from Carmine Dobsonfly. Good luck!
Lv.40 Sniper's Ring +1 - BiS tp set
Lv.42 Mermaid's Ring - Macro into enmity set for voke.
Lv.50 Ulthalam's Ring - Personally, I prefer this ring over Sniper's Ring but you could make an argument for either.
Lv.61 Wivre Ring +1 - Macro in for Evasion set.
Lv.63 Jelly Ring - Situational Ring part of your NIN/DRK tank set for its physical damage reduction.
Lv.70 Defending Ring - I almost feel like I shouoldn't even put this because it is so impossible to obtain... but none the less it is the best ring in the game so it must be included. BiS for NIN/DRK for it's damage reduction.
Lv.70 Coral Ring - Another NIN/DRK tank item for it's magic damage reduction.
Lv.72 Triumph Ring +1 - Macro in for weapon skill. Also great piece for fire damage reduction set.
Lv72. Omniscent Ring +1 - Set these together for your Elemental Wheels. Great INT boost.
Lv.74 Flame Ring - Cheaper alternative to Triumph. The extra stats may seem to make it better than Triumph but it is not because the utility Triumph Ring offers in Fire defense.
Lv.75 Shadow Ring - Occasionally annuls magic damage taken... That's like... like a get out of jail free card! Great ring if you can get your hands on this but killing Dynamis Lord is no small feat!

6g. Back:

Lv.12 Traveler's Mantle - Small Eva boost, Obtained from Spook in KRT.
Lv.21 Night Cape - Upgrade to Traveler's
Lv.24 Nomad's Mantle - Upgrade to Traveler's with an AGI boost.
Lv.40 Resentment Cape - Macro piece for voke even to 75. Obtained from NM Bright-Handed Kunberry in Yhoater.
Lv.46 Bat Cape - Evasion piece upgrade to Nomad's. Obtained from Old Two-Wings in Garlaige.
Lv.47 Jaguar Mantle - Small att bonus
Lv.53 Kinesis Mantle +1 - I believe this is out of era but I am not 100% sure. Upgrade to Bat Cape. Also replaces Resentment Cape in enmity set.
Lv.60 Behemoth Mantle +1 - Nice HP bonus but the price tag is not worth it especially considering you'll be upgrading next level.
Lv.61 Amemet Mantle +1 - Great attack bonus and small STR bonus, this is the more affordable option to carry you into end game than some of the later entries on this list.
Lv.70 Boxer's Mantle - This thing is insane! The best back Ninja can get in the game hands down. This baby gives EVA skill! Not flat EVA, but actual skill! The parry skill is also incredibly nice when you have capped parry. BiS
Lv.71 Corse Cape - For those who cannot obtain Boxer's Mantle (sell your soul for it... worthy investment) this is one alternative though this is miles and miles below what Boxer's offers. Obtained from ENM Totentanz.
Lv.71 Forager's Mantle - Upgrade to Amemet Mantle +1. Macro in for weapon skill or full time when not needing EVA set.
Lv.73 Toreador's Cape - The next best alternative to Boxer's Mantle in the EVA department, this cape also offers BiS enmity bonus. I would recommend getting this. Obtained from the pain train Geush Urvan in Uleguerand Range.
Lv.73 Astute Cape - Macro in for enfeebs and Elemental Jutsu's. Currently unavailable. Obtained from Ix'Aern (DRG) in Ru'Hmet.
Lv.75 Cerberus Mantle +1 - Upgrade to Foragers Mantle. Includes a nice enmity bonus and Fire damage reduction. BiS
Lv.75 Shadow Mantle - Another yummy drop from the angry Umbral Smashing Galka himself, Dynamis Lord. Occassionally annuls physical damage taken. I would not recommend this mantle as Ninja main but still a very nice piece none the less if you can get your hands on it.

6h. Waist:

Lv.15 Warrior's Belt +1 - Tank stats
Lv.33 Gosha Sarashi - Gives Ninja Tool Expertise.
Lv.38 Survival Belt - HP Bonus and very nice EVA bonus. Obtained from BCNM "Steamed Sprouts".
Lv.40 Tilt Belt - If you're building a more dps focused build, I would consider this for now.
Lv.41 Quick Belt - Another one I'm not sure if it's considered in era, but not worth the purchase Imo. At this point you can't stack enough Haste to make 2% viable.
Lv.43 Swordbelt +1 - The ATT stat may seem tempting, but by this time you'll realize NIN really struggles with ACC. Macro in for weapon skill but I would still consider the Tilt Belt superior as far as dps is concerned.
Lv.48 Life Belt - Much needed ACC bonus, and depending on if you can aquire a Swift Belt or not, this belt can carry you quite a few levels.
Lv.50 Swift Belt - For many people, this will be BiS for the entirety of your Ninja career. Great stats all around. Macro in for Utsu and full time for optimall dps output.
Lv.56 Speed Belt - Replaces Swift Belt. BiS Haste in game. Macro in for Utsusemi, full time for optimal dps output. Obtained from KSNM99 "Early bird catches the Wyrm" or KA in Jugner Forest.
Lv.60 Potent Belt - Macro in for weapon skill. If you cannot obtain Swift or Speed Belt, this is the next best option up to this point.
Lv.70 Koga Sarashi - Another Speed Belt alternative. Upgrade over Swift Belt.
Lv.71 Warwolf Belt - Macro in for weapon skill. Great enmity bonus for enmity set.
Lv.72 Trance Belt - BiS enmity bonus.
Lv.73 Scouter's Rope - BiS EVA set piece. Pricey but a worthwhile investment.

7. Ninja 75 sets:

Evasion Set
Head: Optical Hat
Neck: Evasion Torque
Ear1: Elusive Earring
Ear2: Evasion Earring
Body: Scorpion Harness +1
Hands: Hanzo Tekko
Rings: Wivre Ring x2
Back: Boxer's Mantle
Waist: Scouter's Rope
Legs: Byakko's Haidate
Feet: Fuma Sune-Ate
Ammo: Ungur's Boomerang

TP Set
Head: Walarha Turban/Optical Hat
Neck: PCC/Chiv Chain/Hope Torque
Ear1: Suppanomimi
Ear2: Brutal Earring
Body: Haubergeon +1/Ninja Chainmail+1
Hands: Dusk Gloves +1
Rings: Rajas Ring/Ulthalams Ring/Sniper's Ring +1
Back: Cerberus Mantle +1/Forager's Mantle
Waist: Speed Belt/Swift Belt/Koga Sarashi
Legs: Byakko's Haidate/Koga Hakama
Feet: Fuma Sune-Ate
Ammo: Fire Bomblet

Weapon Skill Set:
Head: Shura Zunari Kabuto
Neck: Hope Torque/Chiv Chain
Ear1: Triumph Earring
Ear2: Brutal Earring
Body: Haubergeon +1
Hands: Ninja Tekko +1/Alkyoneus's Bracelette's
Rings: Rajas Ring/Triumph Ring
Back: Cerberus Mantle/Forager's Mantle
Waist: Warwolf Belt
Legs: Byakko's Haidate
Feet: Rutter Sabatons
Ammo: Fire Bomblet

NIN/DRK Tank Set:
Weapon: Earth/Terra Staff
Head: Arhat's Jinpachi +1
Ear1: Coral Earring
Ear2: Coral Earring
Body: Arhat's Gi +1
Rings: Defending Ring/Jelly Ring/Bomb Queen Ring
Back: Cerberus Mantle
Waist: Trance Belt
Legs: Arhat's Hakama +1
Ammo: Ungur's Boomerang

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Re: The Way Of Shadow (A comprehensive Ninja job guide)

Post by Strider » Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:17 pm

Quick little tid-bit about your EVA sets.

I would suggest 2x Elusive Earrings (or 2x Melody Earring / +1) over Elusive/Evasion. Evasion Earring only gives +3

Rasetsu Tekko is a hefty amount of EVA+, more than Danzo.

Legs- AF2 legs, or Jaridah would be best for actual evasion. Typically on NIN I wouldn't do a hybrid eva/haste build.

Feet- Dance Shoes, EVA+7. Significant amount!

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Re: The Way Of Shadow (A comprehensive Ninja job guide)

Post by Demsum » Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:11 pm

So as far as the Elusive Earring and Melody Earring vs the Evasion Earring, the Evasion Earring gives +3 skill which is far better than +5 flat EVA from Elusive Earring. Melody Earring is also situational and requires activation though is definitely something I will include later on in the guide when I get around to completing it. Thank you for the input about the Rasetsu and Dance shoes. I definitely missed those though I'm pretty sure Dance Shoes were out of era Eden does have them so should be included. As for the legs, I feel that Byakko's are just far too good to ever take off even for the increase in evasion. The only exception would be NIN/DRK tanking in Arhats +1. Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to update as soon as I am able.

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Re: The Way Of Shadow (A comprehensive Ninja job guide)

Post by Strider » Fri Jun 21, 2019 9:52 pm

Demsum wrote:
Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:11 pm
So as far as the Elusive Earring and Melody Earring vs the Evasion Earring, the Evasion Earring gives +3 skill which is far better than +5 flat EVA from Elusive Earring. Melody Earring is also situational and requires activation though is definitely something I will include later on in the guide when I get around to completing it. Thank you for the input about the Rasetsu and Dance shoes. I definitely missed those though I'm pretty sure Dance Shoes were out of era Eden does have them so should be included. As for the legs, I feel that Byakko's are just far too good to ever take off even for the increase in evasion. The only exception would be NIN/DRK tanking in Arhats +1. Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to update as soon as I am able.
The Skill +3 on the earring only equates to +3 evasion. Elusive would be better if you're looking at raw evasion stats (and face it, all the +3 skill does is increase actual evasion)

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Re: The Way Of Shadow (A comprehensive Ninja job guide)

Post by Falaras » Wed Jul 03, 2019 7:18 pm

It might be worth cleaning up for items that exist on Eden currently. I noticed in the Weapon Skill Set Neck piece none of the options listed are available currently here so you'd really be talking about Spike Necklace for modifiers or Peacock Charm for accuracy. Hands wise Ninja Tekko +1 don't exist yet and I'm not really sure Alky's are really better than something like B.Kote or O.Kote for Blade: Jin with their -DEX so that might be worth listing.

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Re: The Way Of Shadow (A comprehensive Ninja job guide)

Post by Strider » Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:49 am

I compiled basic starter/easy obtained sets for Eden.

Obvious swaps would be HQ for NQ, Speed for Swift, Peacock for Wivre/+1, etc.

WS set-
Swaps- Amemet NQ, Warwolf Belt, Swordbelt +1, Shura Zunari Kabuto, Emperor Hairpin. I've always been a fan of Swordbelt +1 because NIN has very low attack, and I have seen better averages with the extra Attack. Rutter Sabatons can be changed out to Leaping Boots or RSE(Taru,Mithra only). RK Breeches if you cannot get Haidate.

TP set-
Swaps- Amemet NQ, Swift Belt, Wivre Gorget +1, Coral Earring<=>Merman's, Bomb Core<>Fire Bomblet. Can swap to Haubergeon or Scorpion Harness if monsters are higher level or food unable to be ate (colibri). If peacock charm is out of reach, Wivre/+1 and royal guard collars are acceptable. Legs- AF2 or RylKnight Breeches if Haidate isn't obtainable.

NIN/DRK set-
While you can go and get more Enmity+/PDT/MDT/EVA in these sets, I feel like the added 215HP will benefit more (accessories)... Swaps- Swift Belt, Resentment Cape. If you cannot get Haidate, full time arhat/yasha/af2.

EVA set-
This entire set is rather easily obtainable. Gold Earring +1's were only 15k at one point for +4 evasion, pretty hefty. Not sure of Wivre Ring availability, but those would be preferred. Obviously you can pump out more evasion if you desire from AF2 legs during night time. My philosophy on EVA is this... Either you go all out, or you don't. I don't really care for "hybrid" EVA setups. Mamushito (+1) x2 would probably be the katanas of choice for this set.

Enmity Set-
Obviously this set is missing a lot, just getting you basics that you should have from other builds. I'd use this for job abilities(Provoke, warcry, LR, SE). Not sure if Eris' Earrings are available here. I wouldn't get yasha body/head for more enmity, stick with arhats (inventory space)... Mermaid Ring if it's available, unsure if it is. You can just keep on your tank accessories for the 215HP so you don't lose it just swapping for a JA. Trance Belt would be BiS, not sure which would be more obtainable for a fresh 75 NIN..Warwolf or Trance. Obviously Cerberus Mantle over Resentment.

Ninjutsu Enfeebling-
This set is rather basic. In lieu of kirin's osode, you can use arhat for the enmity. Back can be enmity piece, too.
Obvious upgrades would be HQ pieces. Key pieces you don't want to swap out would be AF1 head, AF2 feet. Aim for higher INT to reduce resists. If you're spamming enfeebling ninjutsu for enmity, then obviously use the enmity set with as much haste swapped in as possible(lower recasts)


Senjuinrikio/Fudo will be best
Fudo/Fudo second best
Mamushito x2 is ok.

These sets are not "BIS" or set in stone- they're just easier sets to get with most items being affordable on the AH. The slots that I would say are more difficult to get would be the Peacock Charm, Speed Belt, Byakko's Haidate, Seiryu's Kote. Everything else should be able to be obtained with relative ease.

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