KnightsOfGrabthar LS - Everyone is welcome!

Post here if you want to recruit for your Linkshell or run an in-game event!
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KnightsOfGrabthar LS - Everyone is welcome!

Post by Nierion » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:20 am

Who are we?

KnightsOfGrabthar LS is a community that is focused on creating a relaxed friendly environment as well as helping all our members progress through content and anything else they need assistance with. We are also part of a larger gaming community known as THE MAK'TAR which has been part of a variety of MMO's over the years since we were founded in 2012. Our group names are based off of the movie Galaxy Quest, an amazing sci-fi comedy from the 90's which is a parody of Star Trek.

What we offer!

Our main goal is primarily as a Progression LS that can help all our members get through the content that they want to focus on or other activities in FFXI they need help with: Quests, Missions, CoP, ZM, BCNM, Sky, Farming, Crafting etc. We are looking for more people who share our ambition; we are making sure that all our members feel that they can accomplish what they want to get done in FFXI with the support of their fellow LS members.

We also have our own Discord / Forum. Both are used for socialising, organising events, chatting on voice and reaching out for assistance or asking questions from fellow members and sackholders. Our community is full of helpful and wonderful members from many different parts of the world: US, Canada, England, Sweden, Germany and many more. We strive for quality over quantity and ensure that there is no elitism and nobody is left behind!

Whether you are a new player, returning, low level / high level jobs, it doesn't matter. Everyone is welcome! If you wish to join or have questions you can reach me via the following:

In-game: Nierion
Discord: Nierion#7373

If I am not on, you can also reach out to the following sackholders who are online the most: Outsider, Furballs, Deadangel, Musa and Chiandra

Our only requirement is all members joining must be at least 18 years of age (which many people generally are on Eden lol).

By Grabthar's hammer, checks us out at