12/02/2019 Version Update

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12/02/2019 Version Update

Post by Zeta » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:05 pm


≪December 2, 2019 Update Details≫


■ The damage resistance of some mob families to certain weapon damage types has been made era accurate.

■ The spawn location and spawn condition of every notorious monster has been audited. All NMs should now spawn in their era locations.

■ The normal monsters in several zones were corrected to be be era accurate.

Vampyrs were removed from Bostaunieux Oubliette.
Missing Stroper Chymes were added to Ordelle's Caves.

■ Thread Leeches of Pashhow Marshlands will no longer be aggressive.


■ The drop rate of Lizard Eggs from Labyrinth Lizards has been corrected.


■ An adjustment has been made to Ouryu.
* Please see the post from Godmode below.


■ The Warrior abilities "Berserk" and "Defender" will no longer overwrite each other.

■ The way magic resistance is applied to Carbuncle's "Meteorite" and Diablos's "Netherblast" has been made era accurate.



■ An issue with the abilities of "Prune" in the BCNM Charming Trio has been addressed.



■ The recipe for Fish Mithkabobs and Fish Chiefkabobs will now create the correct quantity.

■ An issue where /lastsynth would cause a critical synthesis failure in some situations has been resolved.

■ Bronze Bolts have been added to the list of items Nokkhi Jinjahl can make into a quiver.



■ Additional GM commands have been implemented to ensure fair play.

■ Further adjustments have been made to improve the performance of packet handling
(Please give feedback for situations with high traffic such as Dynamis and kings.)

■ More security enhancements have been implemented.


Much progress has been made towards future content.
We will be updating you shortly with some of these new developments.
Please look forward to our Progress Update coming later this week!

That concludes this version update. Thank you for playing on Eden!


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Re: 12/02/2019 Version Update

Post by Godmode » Mon Dec 02, 2019 11:55 pm

A couple of weeks ago I patched an issue with Ouryu being able to be slept in the air. I've debated with how to handle this because I know for a fact some players took advantage of this situation and chose not to report it but I don't know all players that did and those that didn't.

In normal situations those players that notice the bug will report it to the staff, the dev team will fix it and we will let them be on their merry way. However, this was not reported to me (or any staff) and was abused by select players. This is unacceptable--and unfortunately because we do not have access to which players intentionally exploited this bug (other than the party that I observed) we will be requiring everyone who completed the Chains of Promathia mission "The Savage" before the November 18th patch to successfully complete the fight again before they can progress to "Three Paths" missions and beyond.

Fortunately, to re-complete this mission we will be temporarily enabling a command for the next couple months to allow you to warp directly there with your party without GM assistance and once the CS is complete you will have your block removed. To warp there you will type !thesavage. To prevent abuse, players with this blocker will be unable to transport out of Monarch Linn to Riverne - Site #B01.

I'd like to take this time to remind everyone to review the terms and conditions post on the forums and then remind your friends and linkshells to report any behavior that seems questionable. Thank you.