Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

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Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by Cygon » Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:24 pm

Please let the development team know which issues, even ones yet recorded, with each job that are incorrect, weak, overpowered, and/or bothersome with any available proof/citations, keep in mind we are trying to stay era accurate as much as possible, and give your thoughts on order of importance. Feedback obtained through these posts will be used to help prioritize and direct development efforts to make the most impact for the community in a timely manner.

Please do not argue with other posters, stay on the constructive track, and avoid fluffy explanation.

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Re: Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by Starbucks » Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:42 pm

I think the biggest thing for PUP right now is available in-era attachments.

Most notable: Flame Holder, Ice Maker, Reactive Shield, Tranquilizer, Attuner, Equalizer, Schurzen, Turbo Charger, Drum Magazine, Mana Channeler, Target Marker, Dynamo, Condenser, Optic Fiber, Economizer, Eraser.

Many of these are obtained through "Pulling the Strings ENM" or "Targeting the Captain ??? Box". PUP does not have access to gear endgame that helps them out much more after AF and relic armor. These attachments are essential towards endgame progression for a PUP and could be argued that it is at least 1/4 of the potential that we cannot attain at the moment.

I realize implementing Pulling the String ENM and Targeting the Captain ??? Box is a much bigger issue; so to start

Flame Holder & Ice Breaker are crafted and the item holding it back is "Super Cermet" which is from ENM Reward exchange Virgin image.

The main reason Flame Holder & Ice Maker should be prioritized first is because early players were able to outright buy them from an out of era NPC before it was nuked and they got to keep the items.

Reference: ... did=390332

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Re: Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by mcoops » Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:47 am

1) Automaton WHM & RDM Enhancing/Healing Magic Priority - Would make things smoother as right now the WHM automaton likes to buff itself and its master first rather than whoever has hate on the current target. WHM automaton also won't heal party members with low hp if they aren't on the targets hate list either.

2) Damage Gauge - As the report for this one says the automaton doesn't react to this attachment for itself adding some danger in some situations.

3) Flashbulb - Seems to scale with level rather than being a flat -accuracy so ends up being very weak at lower levels but fine at higher levels.

4) Valoredge Frame Parry - Would help with some damage mitigation for when the automaton is tanking.

5) Pulling the Strings - From what I've read this ENM was being worked on but was looking to have all variations of the fight for all the jobs be implemented. Could prioritize a temporary PUP only version so that it can be attempted for key attachments.

6) Tageting the Captain - This also contains key in era attachments, however it is also only available after ToAU mission 17. When missions are up to that point it would be nice to have it worked on then.

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Re: Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by Danzibar » Thu Jun 27, 2019 2:48 pm

As someone who is trying to build a pup tank, I find not having easy access to the "strobe" attachment exceptionally difficult to make it work.

As there are a limited number of end game players available to farm for the attachments (currently the only way of obtaining the attachment), it is extremely rare on the AH (2 sales this year).

In this era it wasn't available off the NPC in Nashmau. That said, I think making it available at a reasonable price would be a good compromise for all us pups that are wanting to make this job work!

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Re: Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by Volkaru » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:56 pm

I think until pulling the strings and Targeting the captain is available. Implement the out of era NPC that sells those attachments based on your level. For a high price. Or at least get Pulling The Plug out for Flame Holder/Ice maker.

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Re: Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by Volkaru » Sat Oct 12, 2019 5:47 pm

I will expand upon the last post I made with a copy of a long message I sent Godmode personally.

"Honestly. I feel we should wait to balance until at least pulling the strings and maybe targeting the captain are out
As it is, the job is actually a shell of what it should be. The only "OP" thing people are complaining about is Valoredge, and that's from out of era repair kits, which I feel are fine to change, just means PUP will have to actually buy and use automaton oils more. And the armor plates giving PDT.
Which we agreed was a needed change, because with the old version of them, they were nigh useless. Would be even more so on eden, since defense calculations on this server aren't proper.
Valoredge is a decent tank on some stuff. But in very niche settings. Any magic damage, they're screwed. And the PDT doesn't help against any real endgame NMs. The biggest complaint is PUP being able to slowly solo colibri around 55-64. But it still only gives 10k/hour at the absolute best of times.

In endgame I struggle outside of being a backup healer or nuker in most fights without the better attachments already.
You also have the very heavy stigma against the job. Back in era, there were almost no PUP who knew what they were doing, only some who frequented old allkhazam forums really knew the job. So 95% of the PUP people saw were subpar, while the top end were out there doing 800+ daze during 55 sync colibri parties (and quickly getting the automaton killed) or in endgame nuking harder than most BLMs.

So on here with the knowledge people know now. The average PUP is better. so people are thinking the job is broken. Because it's not fitting their expectations of the job they had in era. While in reality, the job was only shitty in 2006 on release. By mid-2007 they had all the attachments and buffs that made the class stand out in certain situations.

While on eden. We don't have most of those attachments. I'm working hard right now to gather the rest of the pulling the strings captures for Siege to finish it. Have five characters I'm leveling to 60 right now for it (since you can only do the fight once every 5 earth days) That plus the attachments from Targeting the captain would better gauge if PUP actually needs rebalancing right now."

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Re: Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by Rimie » Sat Oct 19, 2019 2:40 pm

I second this.

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Re: Job Adjustments, Community Feedback

Post by KnowOne » Sat Oct 19, 2019 3:10 pm

I picked mine by cost. Rdm>pld>rng. Havent been in any burns. Just normal parties. Rng is the hardest to skill up though

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