British Geezers of Eden! Recruiting!

Post here if you want to recruit for your Linkshell or run an in-game event!
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British Geezers of Eden! Recruiting!

Post by tuvai » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:15 am

Hello all!

Back in the day of retail I was part of a Linkshell called British Geezers of Ragnarok! It was a Brit only LS that was both social and event driven, being all from the same place it was real easy to set up static groups and events as we all shared the same time! Hoorah! It was a great LS and im still part of it on retail(Although moved to Asura)

So, I decided to restart the tradition here! One thing Ive noticed is its hard to get EU folk at times, there must be more of us out there! So I have remade the British Geezers to try bring us together. We have a few in the LS now and its a lot of fun having that feeling back of when I first joined them over a decade ago!

So, if you are british and or a geezer, drop me(Tuvai) a /tell in game or message me on here / discord. Viink is also a sackholder so feel free to reach out to him if you see him around.

See you in game and hopefully we can rebuild a fun an fantastic community as there once was!

Tally Ho, Chaps!