CarryMe Endgame Linkshell

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CarryMe Endgame Linkshell

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Hello everyone!

CarryMe is a PST based end-game LS comprised primarily of a large group of friends who are passionate about helping each other progress through content while having fun. Our members include some HNM veterans from the server as well as a number of completely new players to the end-game scene. We are looking for some more players to fill our ranks in anticipation for the release of upcoming content.

Dynamis – Sundays and Thursdays 5pm PST
Sky Farm - Generally, days for farms are not set regularly as there are a number of linkshells farming sky daily. Sky farming will usually remain at 5pm PST on weekdays and may vary on the weekends.
Gods/Kirin - Saturdays and Wednesdays, although conflicts with other LSs sometimes lead to rescheduling.
HNM - Times for HNMs will obviously vary, but we are always camping a number of HNMs.

*Have a desire to improve (e.g., have necessary subjobs leveled, be active in working on your mission progress if you do not already have access to sky, etc.)
*Don’t be toxic and don’t cheat.
*Don’t expect to be carried. While many of our members are here to help each other out, understand that a lot of our playtime is allotted to camping NMs and events so there is no guarantee that you will receive assistance with your progression when you ask for it.
*Have and use discord. DKP/Attendance is tracked through discord, and voice chat is required for some events. While you do not have to speak, listening is required.
*To be in the main alliance at events, melee/BLMs should be lv.75. Support classes should be lv.70+. If you are not yet 75, we will expect that you are actively leveling.
*Have a good sense of humor and positive attitude.

Job Priority
Currently we are in need of tanks (PLD; NIN/DRK; RDM/NIN), BLMs, SMNs, WHMs and support jobs (BRD-COR). Players with jobs not mentioned are still welcome to apply, but the aforementioned jobs will receive high priority. We prefer melee to be lvl 75 and mages/support to be lvl 70+, but those actively progressing should feel free to apply as well.
If you are interested in joining you can post here or reach out to Sanzio, Setsutaru, and Makeme in game. You can also PM directly if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for reading!